Moab, Utah… stay away from town.

Epic trip to Moab, Utah… Friends, camping, riding, star trails & beer!

But obviously not Utah beer, because you can’t drink that BS in a pub because it’s all 3.2%. Unless you buy packaged beer! Consider yourself warned people…

Consider this your Public Service Announcement.

You’re welcome. Welcome to Utah.

Now open a Colorado beer and take in the awesome that is the sky over there in Utah.

it. is… sur – f -ing – real.

this might as well be a subaru ad.
Arches NP
A right leaning tree… Unless you’re looking at it from the other side.  Then it’s a democrat, w/ a comb-over.


that milky way is a fickle SOB
not africa.
Arches national park. I blew this one. Freaking ROOKIE mistake. Waited too late to focus on the rock and had to do it manually… during dusk.That’s what we like to call “no bueno” in the biz.


“dead tree & universe”

“nature’s kindling”

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