Living The Dream Brewing

Did a little promo shoot for this brewery, just some fun with their bottle caps.

LTD bottle caps 030


Happy Valentine’s Day btw…

LTD bottle caps 041


Did I mention their beer is awesome?

They are located in Littleton, Colorado… and opening in April.

LTD bottle caps 062

Or you can be a facebook junkie and follow them HERE.

Probably wise, that way you’ll be in the know for their limited releases.

LTD bottle caps 048

This is how I set up the shoot… For the shot above I threw a bunch of bottle caps down on the board on the floor, then side lit them with that flash that you can barely see.  The key light/umbrella was being a bit finicky with the glare.  I was having trouble lighting it evenly (the line of caps is blown out on the left side, 2 pics above). I couldn’t light it from above either, too shiny and it really blew out the printing.  Kind of a bummer but it is what it is.  Above my pay grade apparently.

LTD bottle caps 036


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