Nevada [Highway 50 The Loneliest Highway]

Nothing much more to say than the title.

(but you know I will…)

Highway 50 across Nevada is a very lonely road.  Starting in Fallon, NV on the west side of the state:

Sand Mountain, Nevada: There is an old stone structure (well, barely a “structure”) about a mile from the base of the mountain, it was a Pony Express Station in 1860.  A short life of about 19 months, the pony express soon got a rest from the new invention of the transcontinental telegraph in 1861.

sand mtn pano - BW

Middlegate Station, Nevada.

I’m not sure when the population changed to 17, but it looks like it was well documented.

Loneliest Highway 009

Loneliest Highway 019

Loneliest Highway 012

Loneliest Highway 016

The infamous Shoe Tree east of Middlegate Station.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to laugh or vomit in my mouth when I noticed the hoof.

Loneliest Highway 024

Loneliest Highway 032

It gets a bit lonelier after the shoe tree…  Lots of Big Sky out there.

Endless, really.

Loneliest Highway 050 - BW

Loneliest Highway 067

Loneliest Highway 040 - BW

A couple hours later, Eureka, Nevada.

Loneliest Highway 058

Loneliest Highway 055

Loneliest Highway 056

Don’t try this at home kids…

Really, there was no one out there.

But still, standing in the middle of a highway with your camera at your feet is really unnerving despite fully knowing that you quadruple checked for cars and you know you have 20/20 eye sight and you have great hearing and you even looked a 5th time before you went out into the middle of the road to take this photo…

…it still makes you nervous.

Loneliest Highway 044 -BW


And then you cruise into Ely, Nevada:

Who would have known you can get free wi-fi on highway 50?


The next on is a cell phone picture.  I love the Wood Camera app. It lets you slap birds onto any picture.

It’s a great shout out to the tv show Portlandia that pokes fun of the hipster culture in Portland, Oregon.

Put a bird on it“… and call it art.  Hilarious.

I love Portland though, despite their fashion.



Pull the lever and win a free tetanus shot, yay!

Loneliest Highway 062

All men in Nevada look like Grizzly Adams.

Just an FYI.

Loneliest Highway 065


Great Basin National Park.

Unfortunately I got there toward dusk so I didn’t get to spend much time there.


I feel like I need to explain why I didn’t stop for longer, because Great basin is supposed to be amazingly beautiful…

I was traveling alone.  A girl.  Traveling alone.

So I promised my parents I wouldn’t camp alone. (They like to worry, and on a completely unrelated note, they like to watch a lot of cable news shows).

So I had to keep driving a few more hours to my next location: The thriving metropolis of Selina, Utah.

This next picture is for you, Mom, a documentation of what I kept on my nightstand at the nicest hotel I could find in Selina.

Flashlight, mace & a knife.


Keep it classy Selina.


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