all i ate in san francisco was rice-a-roni

San Francisco panoramic-mania, check it out:

This one was taken on a boat.

SF Random Bridge panorama

The next one is a compilation of 36 images @ 18 MB each.  That math makes my head hurt.

doesn’t matter cuz,  I’m on a boat.

if you’re not on a boat, you should click on that pano below. Really. Do it.

Ridiculous SF Panoramic

If you want to buy copies of any of these ridiculously cool panoramics then drop me an email:

SF Panorama2

  San Francisco 03-2013 104I was not stalking in this next image, I’m actually related to these people.

San Francisco 03-2013 030

Another pano.  I can’t remember how many images went into it.  Probably like a thousand.

SF Panorama1

San Francisco 03-2013 100

San Francisco 03-2013 154

Pano-your-brains-out is right.  I warned you.

SF Panorama2

San Francisco 03-2013 157

And then, of course, alcatraz.  I don’t know if you can even photograph this place in color.  I know I can’t.

San Francisco 03-2013 232

San Francisco 03-2013 250

San Francisco 03-2013 269


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