light [painting] in Virginia City

Here are some shots from the recent Vision West photo club walk in Virginia City.

Here are some stats for the night:

Photographers: 8

Sunsets: 1

Moon rises: 1

Temperature: 15 F (that’s what it felt like)

…unfortunately the temperature won.   So I didn’t get too many shots.

( I was the wuss in the running car with the heater cranked.)Mt Rose Cloud Panoramic

Go ahead, click on that sunset cloud picture above.

It was amazing.

That is a combo of 5 images to create a nearly 180 degree view of the sunset overlooking the Eastern Sierra Range.

(the range on the east side of Tahoe)

Virginia City 117

The image below is of the Virgin Mary statue outside of St. Mary’s church in Virginia City.  I uplit the statue with a flashlight and 2 red gels.

This is a 10 sec exposure where I focused in tight on her face and then slowly zoomed out during the exposure to get the ghostly effect.

Virginia City 097Same thing below… zoom out during the exposure.

This one was about 15 seconds.

Obviously you need a fantastic (translation: $$) tripod.

Virginia City 109

Virginia City 047

Virginia City 087

Virginia City 090


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