black+white trees

Over Christmas I ventured back to the eastern half of our glorious states…

So that means that where I went was covered in ice, the annual tradition of Christmas on the east coast.

Lots of really bright “low sky” days there…

So one day I went out shooting to document the different types of trees in the area, in silhouette style.

Cincinnati 064

So I intentionally overexposed the images to the black & white contrast.  White balance was set to sunny.

So you might ask, …”but it wasn’t sunny, why did you do that!?!”

Because I’m stubborn.

Not really. Well I am, but that isn’t the reason.

I did it to keep the color temperature cool so I wouldn’t have to modify it in post…

Because I wanted a cool (color temp that is, not “cool” like Michael, Janet or Randy Jackson might be cool)…  I wanted my images to be cool in color temp, not topical cool by societal standards.

Because we all know that color temperature is what really matters in life.

I’m not kidding.

Cincinnati 061Cincinnati 050 Cincinnati 055Cincinnati 034Cincinnati 048 Cincinnati 053Cincinnati 007 Cincinnati 047

Cincinnati 014

Cincinnati 043   Cincinnati 033Cincinnati 041

Cincinnati 026 Cincinnati 024 Cincinnati 021Cincinnati 020

Cincinnati 017 Cincinnati 016

Cincinnati 013Cincinnati 067


One thought on “black+white trees

  1. Did Michael and Janet join Randy on American Idol?
    Cool pix. Color, temperature,and composition…it’s all cool!!

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