Best of 2012

I think my photography style has changed quite a bit this past year.

Especially considering the pretty images that came out of my best of 2011 last year.

In the beginning of the year, I thought long exposures were pretty cool.

Lunar Eclipse_carrie (181 of 186)

Then I thought, “Well, ice is nice and all, but color is awesome.”



Well stationary color is cool… but color in motion might be a lot better!

Donner Tunnel 058

But then I got really intrigued with fire…

Donner Tunnel 075

Donner Tunnel 077

Donner Tunnel 082

Donner Tunnel 089-2

Then it was back to black & white…

American Flat-17-2_8_9-2_tonemapped

and ghetto.

American Flat

American Flat-13_4_5-2_tonemapped

But for some reason color just kept trying to creep back in.

Especially in the form of light painting…

Verdi Car 015

Then I went to the Fort Churchill, NV ruins one night with some friends,

and a color explosion commenced via flash light & various colored gels.

(The cloud movement on this next one is perfect.)

Fort Churchill 120 MERGE

…and color was back.

Fort Churchill 128

And in full force.

Fort Churchill 126

I went out shooting at night this year…

a lot.

Verdi Barn Star Trails

12-2011 024

Arrow Creek 003_star trails

Star Trails

Arrow Creek 016_star trails

Then some city time, still, I got my best shots venturing out in the dark…

San Francisco 107

San Francisco

San Francisco 129

San Francisco 127

And then I went to the Pacific Coast.

To dive with sharks.

And catch abalone.

and eat them.

Abalone Diving II 189

But I don’t eat animals, or fish, or things that grow in shells…

so I went diving in a tourist sort of respect, but really did a lot of this instead:

Abalone Diving 175

Abalone Diving II 061

Abalone Diving II 058

This trip stoked my need to shoot in the daytime.  Meaning real sunlight, not just flashlights & stars…

So I hiked Mt Whitney and watched the sunrise from trail camp.

I witnessed the first rays of light reflect off of the grand wall of granite, and felt its warmth radiating back on me.

A moment in time, when you know you are alive.

whitney first light pano

Mitch Christy Panoramic

4 days later I was at Burning Man.

Wow is right.Burning Man 2012 052-2

Burning Man 2012 546

Burning Man 2012 555

Burning Man2 277

Then I finally made it to Napa…

Dec 2012 038

…and saw the most stunning room I have ever had the privilege of being in.

Really.  I’ve been to castles & mansions across the world…

But this room, it was the perfect mix of old, new, warmth, structure, texture, elegance and light.

And that’s how I ended the year, in this perfect little room tasting amazing wine…

Dec 2012 031


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