napa [wine+art]

Finally made my maiden voyage to Napa this weekend.

I’m actually pretty embarrassed to admit that I love wine, live this close to it… and have never been there.

It’s only about 3 hours from Reno.

Dec 2012 016

So the sunset on the way there was kind of a let down…

(I’m kidding)

So I always have a side photo-op agenda whenever I plan anything.

My HipstaPrint 8

I mean, Napa… Come on.  That area of the country is gorgeous all by itself.

I’ve seen pictures of it.  I really didn’t need a side agenda.

My HipstaPrint 8(1)

Plus they have stores there where the freezer case for the cheese selection is no less than an acre.

My HipstaPrint 5

And winery tours!

This is Vincent Arroyo winery in Calistoga, CA

Their Entrada & petite sirah were amazing!

My HipstaPrint 4

Back to the photo-op tangent I always do when planning trips…

One of my photography clients is Donald Lipski, he is a very talented artist who designs large scale installations & sculptures around the world.

I’ve shot several of his pieces for him:

here, here & here

He has pieces on display in Denver, NYC, Miami, Scottsdale, etc…. and Napa.

Oh yeah, so now we’re coming full circle.

My HipstaPrint 0(1)

I *always* have a hidden photo agenda.

So Donald designed this piece called Chilean Red…  It’s a sculpture/chandelier/gorgeous piece of art.

He commissioned it specifically for Hall Winery in Rutherford, California , but it is loosely based off of his famous piece Sirshasana in Grand Central Station in New York city.

It’s in their private cellar and tasting room.

This is the hallway leading into the cellar…

Dec 2012 038

The bricks on the ceiling were imported from Austria…the winery owner (Kathryn Hall) used to be an ambassador there.

From Donald’s website: “The piece recalls the rugged and gnarled surfaces of grape vines.”

The crystals hang from the suspended “roots” of the structure.

Dec 2012 034

There are about 1,500 swarovski crystals suspended from the branches creating a beautiful twinkly canopy of light.

The base of the tree is cast bronze.  The branches are resin, lined with a copper mesh to conduct electricity to each individual light (i.e. no wires).

Dec 2012 031

So it gets better.

This is where the wine tasting takes place.

Dec 2012 025

This room was just flat out gorgeous.

The cool cellar feel of the brick walls in juxtaposition to the warm strategically placed lighting and extravagant feel of the sculpture with the sparkling crystals was perfect.

To top it off, the center of the table was in-laid with marble that was illuminated from below.

Yes, check, attention to details.

Kathryn Hall Winery is fantastic.

Dec 2012 024   Dec 2012 033


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