Fall River Brewery

So my buddy started a brewery…

This is kind of a fairytale, so be prepared.

Meet John & Amanda:

Two of the nicest people I have had the pleasure of spending time with.

Fall River Brewery 091

…and they like beer.

Fall River Brewery 045

They like it enough to invest their future in it.  And well they should, their Pittville Porter is awesome!

Fall River Brewery 074

So I collaborated with them to come up with a holiday type brew…

The brainstorming began in October.

It ended with us finding a food recipe online for chocolate cherry cakes drenched in rum cream icing.

That’s what seems apparent to do, right?… model beers off of food recipes…  And this recipe had me at chocolate+rum cream icing.

And then the brew day began…

Fall River Brewery 057

Measuring out the pale malt…

Ok, so the grain bill included the following: pale, wheat, chocolate & black malt.

Fall River Brewery 026

Fall River Brewery 006

Milling the malt

Fall River Brewery 016

“Brewing beer is fun kids, m’kay?”…

(southpark joke)

Fall River Brewery 010

Love me some pale malt.

Fall River Brewery 021

Malt being dumped into the boiler…

Fall River Brewery 020

He is so organized:

Fall River Brewery 008

Oh my, the smell of the mash was amazing…

Fall River Brewery 050

Another brewing comrade

Fall River Brewery 076

Now we’re brewing!….


Is it time for the hops??

Ummm, yessssss…

Fall River Brewery 063

Fall River Brewery 089

Ok so I’ll go ahead and say it, boiling beer looks like it would taste like vomit…

Fall River Brewery 115

But it doesn’t!!….

…because we put 10 ounces of dehydrated of Ghirardelli chocolate in it!

Oh Yeahhhhhh.

And by the way, this beer is called… (drum roll)…

Santa’s Christmas Concoction

…and a concoction it is.

Fall River Brewery 109

oh and more hops….

Fall River Brewery 062

Then we rested for a few minutes and found time to do a required beer tasting session.

One Month Later:

I just got word on the experimental Christmas brew…. and is apparently out-of-this-world-tasty.

Here is the official tasting note:

…”It starts with strong notes of chocolate and coffee, followed by a smooth segway into delicious vanilla and rum.  Top that off with pie cherry filling and you have our beer for winter.  The final gravity readings have this beer clocking in at the mid 8% ABV and with 50 IBU’s it seems to be a great combination of bitter sweet.”…

(That is the not the brew in the photos below.  Santa’s Christmas Concoction is an imperial stout.)

Fall River Brewery 100

Afterwards I did a few product style shots for their webpage…

For all of their different style of beers.

You can find Fall River Brewery Beer online here and also in person at Crumbs in Fall River Mills!

Fall River Brewery 176

Fall River Brewery 190

Fall River Brewery 227

Fall River Brewery 192

Fall River Brewery 203

Fall River Brewery 237

Fall River Brewery 243


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