corsair bikes

So I recently had the opportunity to shoot some product shots for Corsair bicycles.

They have a fleet of hard core downhill, slope style and dirt jumping frames that 100% kick butt.

You can check out their lineup here!

My buddy Hacksaw asked me to shoot some images for their website… but the stipulation was that they needed the images… yesterday.

So naturally I agreed, because apparently I love stress.

I had a couple hours to prep for this shoot that was to take place in my living room after sunset.

And that means I had zero time because I actually had to work at my day job.  Ouch.

(Yes, those are un-ironed IKEA sheets hanging on my wall.  Nothing but the best here!)

So my limited lighting setup consists of only 2 lights for all of these images… 2 canon 580EXII’s fired with pocketwizards, one to bright out the awesome IKEA sheets in the background and one with a zumbrella diffuser on a light stand.

If you use off camera lighting and you don’t own a David Ziser designed ZUMBRELLA… shame on you.  Go buy one right now.  It’s an umbrella that collapes to about 14″, so that means you can collapse it and walk around with the umbrella still attached to your light stand without risking impaling every person that crosses your path.

You can also fit it in your camera bag, that’s so sweet.

This is my favorite accessory image.  I fiddled around with the placement of the rear strobe & the rotation of the pedal to get the nice highlights on the face of the pedal.

This is the bike carnage in my living room.

Some more accessory images.  These were placed on plexi-glass on a 2 piece foam core background.

So hacksaw positioned the grips below and said “I think we should lean them up like this”.

“Ok, good idea”, I said.

Luckily… I totally chimped and looked at the image in the viewfinder.

Ummmm……… maybe not.

So I went with this setup instead…

These pedals look rad.  I’m going to get a pair.

You should too.


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