burning man [2012]

This year’s burning man experience was quite different than last year when I camped high up on a ridge line, perched on the edge of a cliff overlooking burning man from about 4+ miles away…

So I actually attended the event this year, and took my beater camera and sealed it in a gallon sized ziploc bag…

And it still got thrashed from all of the playa dust.

“The man”

The Temple

The Toilet (art car)

The temple

The Snail (art car)

Bone sculpture…

Afternoon dance party!

Enter this phone booth and you can talk to God…

Inside of the temple… check out that wood work!

Neon art car

This was taken at night (obviously) at the end of a gnarley dust storm… I lost my bike in it.  No joke.

Just couldn’t see it, or anything else 10 feet away for that matter.

Sometimes getting caught groovin’ with yourself is ok

Inside of “the man”

Full moon rising over afternoon dance party!

You get kind of dirty out there in all of the playa dust

Everyone has their own special mode of transportation on the playa

Don’t know where this bug came from… because nothing survives out there.

Must have hitched a ride in from California.


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