abalone diving + northern california

Ventured up to the coast in Northern California earlier this summer to go camping & abalone diving with some friends.

Our final destination was Fort Bragg but along the way we stopped at several fantastic breweries… Bear Republic, Anderson Valley & Northcoast Brewery.  And toured several local wineries one day.


I am supplementing this post with a few iphone photos, a first for me but it is 1/10th of the size of my 7D so much more likely to be there with me all day long, sorry if that’s offensive.

It offends me.

I’m embarrassed I’m even admitting it.  Even worse is that I’m addicted to the Hipstamatic app.

So consider yourself warned:

(This is hilarious.  A payphone wall jack being utilized to charge multiple mobile phones.)

So I spent the week camping, hiking, abalone diving, shooting photos and drinking fine beer with friends.

It was nice.

Long exposure of the surf:

This one was fun to capture.  I put my tripod in the surf and did a long exposure (about 10 sec if I remember correctly) and captured the layered variations of the rock formations by zooming in during the exposure.

I started at 18 and ended at 200mm.

There were some burrs there too…

This is the area where we went abalone diving…


This is what an abalone looks like after it is ripped from the sea wall, but before you cut it open.

I’m a vegetarian.

These are abalone shells, they’re often better known as “fancy shell soap dishes”.

And now the dissection begins…


Oooh now that it doesn’t look like a living creature anymore…

Let’s hammer it with a steel tenderizer.

…and bread it… uh, naturally.

Because this tasty little guy is gettin’ fried.

Then after an amazing dinner (I cooked salad), we went on a midnight hike up to the cemetery!

People were freaked out!
…because it was dark. And haunted. And dark.

Oh and our fabulous group… there were several more of us but this was tragically the only group shot I got.

Lame, I know.


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