donner tunnel + ice

I ventured up to the Donner tunnel a while back to shoot the ice formations littering the walls and ceiling of the tunnel.

Last year I had it in mind to shoot this area but was thwarted by the insane spring-winter we had here so the tunnel was buried well into late spring.

This year, ha! I got it.  So I carried my camera gear & tripod (headlamp & snowshoe style) into the tunnel…

Several people passed by along the way while I set up my icicle shots… one guy in particular caught my attention.  He told me I would be lucky to make it out alive because it was likely I would get struck down by a chunk of ice throwing itself off of the ceiling and onto my head.

Check.  Next time wear a helmet.

And enter in the strobes & gels… red, green & blue were the colors that I found worked best…

I varied the angle of the strobe (flash) behind the icicle to get it to slightly reflect off of the rock wall behind the ice and still illuminate the ice and saturate it with color.

That’s what created the red halo in the lower right section of the frame.

(This looks like evil jello)


In case you’re reading a visual blog and you can’t tell.

(I’m an equal opportunity spammer.)

I love the light angle from the tunnel entrance on this one, the texture on the rock is tasty…


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