desert trash light painting

Headed out into the desert recently to find some old abandoned (translation: shot up) stuff and take photos of it…

but the kicker on this excursion was that:

A) we went out at night

B) we weren’t positive where we were going

C) it was about 20F with 20mph winds. Ouch.

So my friend knew of this abandoned 1940’s-ish car that is shot up and rusted out and somewhere west of Reno.  Fantastic! I said.  Let’s go do some light painting!  So a bunch of us morons gathered up and went out hiking in freezing temps at night to find this car.  We braved the ridiculous spring (meaning WINTER) Reno weather and found this gem, lit it up with flashlights, gels, strobes, spot lights, etc.  Each of the exposures below varies in length, but for the most part they were about 3-3.5 minutes in length.





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