12 things i noticed over the holiday

So over the holidays I didn’t take too many photos, just mainly sat around with a watchful eye for interesting things.

Below is a random sampling of what I did capture with my camera:

(this one if from Kentucky)… I’m kidding! (but not really)

This next one is NOT my photograph, but a very cool portrait done by a professor at University of Kentucky.

So I just took a picture of a picture…

That seems really lame when you actually type it out.


(insert pretty picture here)

Ok, now that the pretty picture is taken care of…

This is what I really noticed.  This is legitimate, definitely not staged!

Christmas lights!


Asian made Christmas crafts? Oh I just can’t get enough of those!  You either!?

More pretty… then more cynical.

This is a classic.  My brother caught in mid eye roll at his wife.


The best part is that she is the last person you would roll your eyes at… she is smart, beautiful AND clever!

Then enter in my dad.  He was drinking out of this coffee mug for several days over Christmas before he (or anyone else) noticed the quote on the side of it!

(“coffee makes you smarter than you actually are”)

Oh yea, he was all about posing with it!  Awesome.  We love you Dad.

And finally a 10 sample blind bourbon tasting event…

Everything from four roses (single barrel…my favorite), woodford, baker’s, bookers, maker’s 46, homemade hooch & wild turkey…

I have to say that I tied for 2nd in the blind taste testing… well, that might have been out of 3, but still, I didn’t lose to the guys that think they know what they’re doing.

I’m going to call that a win.  Or maybe just a, not loss.

One more of Dad with his new University of Cincinnati ‘jailcat’ hat.

Way to represent thug nation Dad, perfect!


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