dumpster diving

Tonight I met up with a couple people from our photo club (link) to shoot the ArtTown graffiti van.

I thought it might be kind of cool to try out some light painting/strobe combos on this piece.

We tried several different gel color combos… but that pesky street lamp just wasn’t cooperating.  It was just too bright there, and way too much going on in the background.

…then I noticed one of the thousand abandoned shopping carts littering the city sitting right next to me…

I mean, I never pass up the chance to crawl around a trash heap… so there we went.

I think my friends Bill and Cindy were seriously questioning my sanity at this point.

I made it very clear that I should be the one to illuminate the inside of the dumpster… because if someone dropped any of my equipment in there they were sure going to go in and retrieve it.  So I thought that person should probably be me.


But fortunately there were no equipment casualties, and we got some cool images in the process.


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