henna, ships & a robe.

This set of images from a recent trip to Ohio is pretty random… I saw some seriously cool stuff though!

1st off: A Henna Tattoo party… what!?

Yep my good friend (and excellent photographer) Nicholas Viltrakis was shooting a wedding the weekend I was home… so I headed out one night to help him shoot a a pre-wedding henna tattoo party of the bride-to-be!

You can see the rest of our henna photos here.

…and an awesome rice dish Taha’s mom prepared for everyone.  This family had it together, they loved each other and it showed in just the short time I got to spend with them…

… and the dried henna…

Then we went to Aurora, Indiana to see a WWII LST (landing ship tank).  This particular ship landed troops on the beach of Normandy June 6, 1944.

And last but not least, I had to add this one in.  My Dad has had this robe since 1965 and my mom is threatening to throw it away.  My dad was ready to walk out the door, but I convinced him into putting on the robe and posing for a few quick shots… I have no idea why Mom would want to get rid of this piece of art.


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