peavine fire

There was a fire up on Peavine Mountain tonight… we got quite the sky spectacle between this and a stunning sunset.  Half way into shooting these images it down poured, which was kind of cool, it finally made this place smell like earth again.

For a few minutes anyway.

At one point, before I realized there was a fire, I said it reminded me of tornado weather because of the color of the sky.

It had that eerie yellow glow to it… well, I guess now we know why.

No known cause of the fire(s) at this point, but probably lightning would be my guess since the sky was lit up like a frat-boy at mardi gras.

…and drum roll please… finally… some LIGHTNING!

(very very small in the bottom center. see it?  yea, it’s there, trust me… click on it to enlarge it.)


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