strobist lighting challenge

I’m participating in the lighting challenge hosted by David Hobby (aka lighting guru)…  The first assignment was to take a close up portrait of someone of influence in your community.  Only restrictions were that you can only use 2 light sources (or flashes or also known as strobes) and you had to complete it in a week.

It took me about 5 minutes to realize who I needed to shoot in this town (with my camera, that is).  I live in Reno, Nevada and this place is known for 3 things:  Gambling, Neon, and some seriously rad mountain biking.

Meet the godfather of mountain biking, Jim Severt, although more often than not you will hear people call out his name as Hacksaw.  Well either way you want to address him, he has been instrumental in promoting the sport of cycling in the Sierra Nevada over the past 20 years.  I think he went pro when he was about 5, yep, that’s how good this guy is.  To uncoordinated twits like me, he is a biking-god.  To the pros and the rest of the world he is just known as Hacksaw, the outgoing hucking madman who effortlessly flies off jumps you can park a semi in between.

Hacksaw has spent the past 20 years tweaking, building, rebuilding and perfecting some of the most amazing bike trails in the area, and he did it with just a lone shovel and some mind boggling patience.  It’s not just about the trails though, he has single-handedly created a culture of riding that welcomes people of all ages and backgrounds to just get out there and do it.  A typical day out riding with him will definitely involve scoping out some new lines, hearing dozens of people call out his name throughout the day just to say hi and, as always, some downtime for some serious ribbing (where is the new guy anyway??).   It’s all about the experience of riding to him, and fortunately for the rest of us, he’s invited us along for the ride.  So hang on tight kids, this guy is about to fly…

And here is the chosen photo… it actually got acknowledged by David Hobby, yes that’s right the King of Strobes, as one of the top submissions.  woot!

Photo Specs:
Canon 7D, EF-S 18-200mm (@32mm), ISO 100, f/6.3, 1/200 sec, circular polarizing filter.
Strobe 1: Canon 580EXII in 2’x2′ softbox, camera left, 1/8 power (fired w/ PW)
Strobe 2: Canon 580 EXII, bare, about 10 o’clock camera left, 1/16 power (fired w/ PW)
Sun: camera right

Here are some more photos of the shoot including some that didn’t make the cut…


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