We decided to cook up a batch of our ridiculously awesome fajitas this evening.  Each ingredient was roasted on the BBQ for additional smokey goodness flavor… I also tried out a different lighting technique for the food shots.  Not traditional cookbook style shots, that’s for sure.

First we started with the fajita vegetables (red onion, green, red & yellow bell peppers), then threw them on the grill.

and some corn too…

Then we made some margaritas, because you just can’t make fajitas on a Sunday afternoon without a custom margarita.

After the, and I have to say *awesome* margaritas, we brought out the fresh vegetables to dice up for the black bean/salsa salad.

Then the marinated chicken went on the grill.

It wasn’t lonely though, the fresh ears of corn were on there too.

For some reason this reminds me of a cornucopia…

Ahh, then we assembled the fajitas with fried corn tortillas and monterey jack cheese.


Enter in black bean salsa salad.  Awesome.

I’ll just go ahead and tell you that it was an awesome supper.

The best part?  This is part I of what might be a future cookbook.*

*Teaser: chicken marinade consisted of 12 ingredients… including beer, obviously.


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