vision west photo club, take III

Another beautiful evening this week for our monthly photo club meeting… well, more like go out and take some photos and then sit down and talk about them over a cold beer.  Now, that’s my kind of meeting.

This month’s theme was black & white… I’ve never gone out shooting with the intention of converting all of them into black & white before, so this was a fun one for me.

Here is some thistle.  I like this one because of nice light blasting in from the side and I used my polarizing filter to darken up the sky a bit to make them pop.

Here are some other ones I thought were kind of cool…

Please mind the random signatures on the images! I was attempting to create some automated alternatives in photoshop… and it just didn’t want to cooperate.  Or more likely, I just didn’t want to program it correctly…


Check out some other club member shots by clicking here. 


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