the dude

This is Joe, but I’m going to call him the dude throughout this post because it just reminded me of The Big Lebowski as soon as he put that hat on.  Don’t get me wrong, he looks nothing like the dude, the cowboy, walter, donny or anyone else in that movie.  It was just the hat…

So I met up with the Dude and his lovely mom Leslie last night to shoot some Senior style photos!

We ventured into the darkest and most stink infested alleys Reno has to offer.  And let me tell you, the Dude and his mom were in luck, the alleyways were prime last night.

I was seriously contemplating a surgical style mask at this point, anything really, to combat the stench… and poor Joe just kept on smiling!

I touched a dumpster in this alley and consequently had to boil my hands off in a lame attempt at sterilization.

Once we got out of the alleys and caught our breath, that’s when the fun went down…  Joe the dude loves baseball, so I asked him to bring his bat along for some of the shots.  This is the dude vandalizing park art in front of the city building.  I’m totally kidding!  He didn’t even touch it.

Then we decided to head over to the old Reno arch and dodge some cars to get this shot.  I think it turned out nice!

…and a couple more…

Thanks for the awesome photo shoot Joe & Leslie!


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