Miss Erika

So this afternoon I headed downtown to meet up with Erika and her mom Pam… we decided to shoot some dark alley style shots so we headed into the heart of 2nd street (aka: don’t go there).

First we stopped at this tiny gap between two buildings that I noticed… it was screaming rim light, so I went with it.

Then we headed over to another alley off of 2nd street… that is when the cops rolled by and asked us if everything was ok.  You know, because there aren’t typically 3 chicks hanging out in an alley around those parts…

Erika is an aspiring musician that has taken major strides towards her goals before even graduating high school…She played at The Knitting Factory a while back, that’s pretty cool!

You can check out her music here.

Then finally we made it over to the dirtiest little alley this side of the Mississippi…  The back alley of the Dirty Nugget.  Home of the Awful Awful Burger.

That’s right kids, never step in a puddle in the middle of the desert. Gross.

(I love this image though, thanks for putting up with the dirt Pam & Erika!)


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