Reno photography club

We just started a new photo club in Reno and decided to host a photo walk along the river for our meeting this month… you can check out our official site here: ( ).   Janis is the very nice and ambitious person who took on designing the page for us, so I wanted to say thanks for volunteering your time Janis!  You are awesome!

Our photo walk theme this month was water, so there probably wasn’t a better place to shoot than the kayak park downtown…

We met up on Wednesday night around 6pm and then headed out to shoot for about an hour and a half before dusk.  Some of the smart people brought tripods (not me!)… which yielded some truly fantastic images!  Not being one of the smart people I was limited to 1/8 second hand held shots as seen in a couple of the images below.  With that quick of a shutter speed I wasn’t able to get the cool cotton candy look to the water, but it still turned out ok for a hand held shot.  I tried to push it with a 1/6 second but had too much shake to keep the foreground/stationary objects in focus, so 1/8 it was.

click here to see some of the other group shots on our flickr page.

The gold reflection in the puddled water is of the sun reflecting off of an adjacent gold colored building.  It’s a nice contrast to the otherwise cool shady view from the boulders along the river bank… This one is my favorite of the bunch.

Here is an example of one of my hand held 1/8 second shots.  It would have looked a lot smoother if I could have pulled a 1/2 second shot, or even better a full second.

another 1/8 second shot…

…and last but not least.  See that little sliver of green there?  Yep, that’s the sunlit Truckee River looking down through the pedestrian bridge decking.

If you are interested in joining us on any of our photo adventures just shoot me an email and I’ll send you some information…


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