I just got back from 2 weeks out of town.  Here is a string of images from my stay in Knoxville… there were some awesome surprises while I was there.  First off, I had the privilege of trying the southern delicacy of deep fried corn on the cob.  That’s right, those southerners know how to turn their vegetables up to 11!

This is me, “the vegetarian”, chowing down on some deep fried animal fat vegetable goodness.

After an awesome breakfast out downtown my sister and brother-in-law took me to the famous Blue Plate Special to hear some free live music.  Everyday this station opens its doors for an hour at lunch to the general public and features live performers who happen to be playing in town that weekend.  I went there expecting to hear some awesome bluegrass (which I did!), but was shocked when I heard that Matt Costa was the opener for the show!  Woot!

(click here to hear some of his music)

Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper was the headliner and they, well, they left me speechless.  Their bluegrass was off the charts and technically mind blowing.

Definitely click here.

Just look how fast their hands are moving…

The main reason I was in Knoxville was for my niece’s 1st communion, so I told my sister that I would do some portraits of her for the occasion.

This is the scene at the alter after the mass: Jesus looking down on the paparazzi spectacle demonstrated by the parents.

Awww, she looks so cute and is cooperating like nobody’s business.

Well, mostly cooperating.  Apparently her face was cramping from all of the smiling she was doing all morning.

This is my nephew Tyler and his life partner James, they also came out to see the first communion celebration. They are so cute, they even dress alike.


One thought on “knoxville

  1. You mention the deep fried corn on the cob, but you leave out that ginournmous pint of beer. What’s going on here vegy…(Can’t they deep fry beer?)

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