We’re hunkering down indoors today due to the 50 mph winds hitting Reno at the moment.  Ugh.  So we thought we would make up our own enchilada recipe, 1/3 crockpot, 1/3 grill, 1/3 oven, 100% awesome.

First off, we started with an array of vegetables for the sauce… tomatillo, onions, garlic, sarrano & pasilla peppers.  And of course, avacado for chip dipping.

After extreme effort lighting the grill in hurricane-like winds, Jonathan succeeded in roasting what was to become the enchilada sauce. (by the way, that is his homemade hand forged knife in the photo below too…)

This is the sauce after the blender and a large shot of tequila, (and a little bit in the sauce too…)

Tasty meat filling: crockpot cooked chicken and different salsa mixture.

Enchilada filling comprised of fried corn tortillas, refried beans, chicken crockpot, monterey jack, and awesome.

Delicious 1st layer of Smokey Enchilada Sauce:  This is what I imagine Jabba the Hut’s crap looks like, but Jonathan says the Asphalt Monster squatted over our baking dish while I wasn’t looking.

Layer 2: What’s up cooking gods?

Rolled up with a second layer of chicken pot cheese goodenss, that’s what!… Smart.

Final adjustments to the sauce (+sour cream & monterey jack) and we let’er rip in the baking hole!

I’m never ceased to be amazed at how much awesome can come out of the oven.


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