cat lady

It’s official.  I need more cats.  Lots and lots of cats.  I’m going to dress them up for Halloween, Christmas, birthdays, Kwanzaa.  Parade them around on leashes and stash them in handbags.  All I know is that if someone does this on a Saturday night, they are obviously are in need of more cats.  I even managed to pull some sweet loop and Rembrandt lighting on this furry guy.  Really, I think this might constitute an intervention.  I need to stop this.  Guess I got a little bored after our epic powder ski day and needed some super lame downtime.  Well, looks like I succeeded, enjoy.

<— epic ski day



I’m throwing in these two for old times’ sake.  This is Toonces (The Driving Cat), stealing hubs and poppin’ caps.

…and my dog.  Just to (try to) balance this blog post out.


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