the fabulous miss Tara

This weekend I had the opportunity to meet Tara, she is a high school senior who is ready to break free of the confines of secondary school and take on the world!   We headed out on Sunday afternoon to try to find some interesting locations around town to shoot some cool senior portraits!

First we headed up into the foothills overlooking town to capture some midday city shots.

Then we found some really neat rocks!  Let’s say it all together kids:  “Geology is fun!”

After making poor Tara climb around on the snowy rocks I thought it would be a great idea to head downtown for a nice refreshing soak in the frigid river.

I was just kidding about actually getting IN the river…   I mean, I had on jeans, thermals, down vest and waterproof boots… meanwhile Tara braved the water so we could capture this! (what a trooper!)

What a great idea, and…she even made it home with all of her toes!  Thanks for the good times and awesome photos Tara!


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