purgatory peak

Last weekend we went camping near Purgatory Peak in the Black Rock Desert.  I was totally geeked up since I just bought a new tripod  and was ready to head out of the city and shoot some star trails…  unfortunately the first night the clouds were lingering overhead so I was unable to get a good shot.

I did, however, manage to capture the (half) moon overhead with clouds sweeping by about 5 hours after sunset.  The illuminated burning sky on the horizon is a reflection of city lights off of the low clouds (Nixon, NV).  After seeing the result of this one I felt a little better about my precious star trails being thwarted by the clouds, it’s kind of cool plus you can see Orion.

During the day we explored up in the hills, packed a lunch and scrambled up some nice granite.  This is Jonathan overlooking the valley below…

This is the moon.  It’s that spherical thing up in the sky that revolves around my world and is occasionally illuminated by the sun.  I’m sure this is all news to you.


Here are some star trails that aren’t very good… I wasn’t patient enough to wait up until 2am for the moon to set.  That, plus I’m not good at it = the picture below.

And then I found this shot up masterpiece in a makeshift shooting area (ie anywhere in the desert).  I took it home with me… because I’m just that whiskey-tango.


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