We were in Mexico last week for a family wedding… and we stayed at an all inclusive resort that had anything you could possibly want!  sea kayaks… check.  swim up pool bars at every corner…check.  tomales at every meal…check.  martini/coffee/smoothie bar…check. complimentary case of ‘mexican abdominal explosion’…check.  Really, it had it all!

We took a side trip one day to go see the Tulum Mayan ruins.  The remains of the Mayan structures sit on steep cliffs overlooking the Caribbean sea on the Yucatan Peninsula.  The beaches there were AMAZING!… well, almost as amazing as trying to envision how the structures were built.  Remember hearing about the upcoming end of the world on December 21, 2012?  Yep, that’s these guys who are responsible for the hysteria!

I just love how cool the forbidden cartoon mexican smoking hand looks.  Kids, don’t smoke… but if you do, make sure to hold it like a pro.

The last day we were there is when all of the wedding awesomeness went down!  Our good friends Nick & Terri were the event photographers, and let me tell you, they were on it every minute of the day.  They are AWESOME at what they do!  And I have to give it to Terri, she’s 6 months pregnant and was such a trooper hanging out and shooting photos during the festivities!

The humidity down there was astounding.  It was crazy the amount of condensation that would form in a matter of seconds on a cold beer!

…and here are some other random shots that I liked from the trip.  Good times hanging out with family and friends, that’s for sure!

Samantha’s dad waiting to walk her down the sand aisle…

shoes were optional.

Little story behind this next one.  Nick is a great portrait and wedding photographer and he gave the guys a little speech ahead of time about how not to stand (meaning, where not to put your arms and hands) in photos.  The biggest mistake and most common place for guys to hold their hands is right in front… folded over like a concealing leaf on Adam.  Let’s just call this particular stance is called the ‘the fig leaf’.  About half way through the ceremony I laughed out loud when I saw every single guy standing up there with his hands neatly folded in front of him.  I had to take a photo.


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