american flats

There is this really cool abandoned mining structure located up near Virginia City called American Flats.   The state agencies keep saying they are going to tear it down because it is such a liability.  It’s a really interesting place, definitely dangerous, but way too cool to see it go!  I heard there were Calvin Klein ads shot up here.  I’m assuming it was underwear.

You can be just walking along weaving your way through a field of empty rattle cans and broken glass when all of a sudden, bam!  You fall through a hole in the floor and impale yourself on some exposed rebar on the floor below.  Or maybe, if you’re like me, you will agilely flip yourself upright just before impact and land on your feet; then walk away safely back to your bubblewrap padded home and break your leg tripping over the tv remote.

here is some art.

This one is cool.  Jonathan finally sat still for a minute so I could shoot it.

There was a group of guys hanging out and climbing all over the main structure.



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