Hayden & Leah

I met up with a really old friend a couple weeks ago and she asked me if I would do portraits of her kids.  I better specify, I said old as in terms of ‘we met when we were 2 years old’, not as in she looks like a decrepit leather handbag.  Stacey is 11 and a half months older than me and I love mentioning our age difference during the 50 weeks a year that she is technically a year older.  I really think she enjoys it too… well, the remaining 2 weeks of the year that is.  I can only get away with saying this because she has beautiful skin and a stunning smile… and isn’t covered in biking scars like me.  Anyway, her kids are adorable.  It really would be difficult not to be with those genes.

This is Hayden and his eyelashes are giving Disney’s Bambi a run for his money.  Really, it’s not fair, stop it Hayden.

Then along came Leah, who is so full of personality I’m going to go ahead and say that she might be the next female Will Ferrell.

I had a blast hanging out with you guys, thanks for the good times!


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