presenting the “palm springs fill-up”

So I was contemplating the super-invasive patch of mint growing in my yard last weekend when I realized that I really should be optimistic about it… and create a cocktail to utilize it.

I present to you the “Palm Springs fill-up”.

How to:

  • mince fresh mint, lime juice and a bit of ice in your mortar & pestle
  • transfer to your cocktail shaker
  • add lemon zest, a bit more lime juice, enough cranberry juice to mix and a couple ice cubes
  • shake, palm springs style
  • setup proper serving glass with several ice cubes and fill with 3/4 champagne
  • drain into serving glass over ice & champagne
  • garnish with fresh mint & a long shaving of lemon peel

Where did the name come from you may ask?  I have no idea, it just fits with Palm Springs… or anywhere else sunny where no one works, so that’s how I labeled it.

It just drinks like “retirement”.

… “yea, it does taste like retirement.”


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