gettin’ down with some 1960s decor

Over Labor day we had the opportunity to go out to the Ruby Mountains marshes (Ruby National Wildlife Refuge) and stay in a friend’s cabin for the weekend.  We jumped at the chance and let me tell you, this cabin did not disappoint.

Fishing boat, shag carpet, reflective wallpaper, abandoned telephone booths, the works, I’m telling you… I even reminisced back to my childhood when I was presented a lure to fish with.  It was the same lure I gave my brother Dennis for his birthday about 20 years ago.  Funny part is our host was the only one catching fish that day and the one thing I remembered about this lure was that my (now pro-angler) brother never used it because it sucked. Ha!  Christian, your sly plan of being the ace angler almost panned out!  Well, maybe your plan didn’t work but it didn’t matter because we suck at fishing regardless…

No more words. Pictures only… thanks for the good times Christian & Malaika


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