Sitka, Alaska

Man oh man, Sitka is awesome.  Cool people, beautiful terrain…  Sitka, you are the best.  Let’s see, where to start…  bought some fish, learned about their Russian/Tlingit/American history, saw oodles of birds at the raptor sanctuary, toured a hatchery and even got to touch the blue sea urchin below!

They even have a beautiful cinder cone just outside of town (Mt. Edgecumbe).  One local told us about the best April Fools day prank, ever.  The volcano hasn’t erupted for about 8,000 years so in 1974 ago a guy stashed a pile of old tires in the cone and then set them on fire just in time for the town to wake up on April 1st and see a smoking volcano just outside of town.  The residents thought the old volcano was stirring back to life and bought it hook line & sinker.  What a great prank… well, minus the fee to clean it up!

I have to say that I think the ultimate highlight of my day was when I passed a group of tourists walking up a long path of stairs up to a Russian history exhibit.  They paused as I walked by and then stopped me to ask what was at the top.  I replied, “Learning”.  One woman laughed and the others suggested they turn around and walk back down.  I guess they had to park their Segways at the bottom because they don’t handle stairs too well.


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