Hot August Nights

So this week we had the opportunity to go cruisin’ with some rad Reno folks in their 1952 custom chevy limo.  By custom, I mean CUSTOM.

  • white wall tires
  • 8 doors
  • flames
  • canoe

As if that wasn’t cool enough?  We picked up some hitch hikers from Texas!

Well, not really but we did pick up some really nice tourists who jumped in the car and went cruising all around town with us.  They were super nice people, the kind you see on primetime TV.   Once they were securely in the car I almost made a joke about making sure we had enough rope & duct-tape in the trunk, but then thought better of it… I think that might have put a damper on the whole cruisin’ experience for them.  They were, after all, here for the car show on vacation!

Hope you Texans had fun, I know I sure did…

Thanks again to Debbie & Mike for the invite to cruise in your sweet sweet ride!

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2 thoughts on “Hot August Nights

  1. My husband and I had a GREAT time in the LIMO. I love your pictures. Thanks again to Debbie and Mike for allowing us to ride along. We are telling all of our friends about our wonderful limo ride. Now I can tell them to go to your blog for proof!

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