Tour de Nez

Went out and shot some photos at the Tour de Nez in June… it’s a roadie race in Reno & Tahoe that features criterium style racing.

Criterium racing consists of a mass of cyclists starting at once and racing around a set course for the next hour.  Whoever gets the most laps wins.  Talk about pain.

There were hand cyclists, mens & women’s pro and even a sucker race, or at least that’s what I like to call it, where the downhill mountain bikers raced the course!

I met this guy Friday night in Reno, he was the coolest most friendly guy…and he totally kicked butt in the hand cycle race.

Yep, he lost his leg in the service and it isn’t slowing him down at all… He finished 3rd in Reno (woot!)… and did I mention he also had the coolest tattoo I have ever seen?  He has a dashed line with scissors and the label “do not cut above this line” tattooed right above the amputation line.  This guy kicked butt in all 3 races this weekend, not to mention life in general too!


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