Training furry things!

So tonight I ventured out on St. Patty’s day to hang out with some dogs… and some humans too, but that’s not the important part.

I had a photo shoot for Dog Gone Amazing (dog training) during their weekly group class.  There were all kinds of dogs there…from pit bulls to pointers to pugs.  Well I’m not the dog trainer so I’m not sure about the pugs, but there were some serious handbag dogs there.  All I know is that Paris Hilton would have been insane with jealousy…

Then there were the dog tongues, and they were every where.

This little furry number named Jackson is a complete playboy, he was all about the  photo shoot and actually approached me afterward inquiring about proofs for a future modeling gig. weird.

This cute grey guy got put in time-out and he was P&$@*$% ‘d!!  But at least he looked cute being there.

I have to say this this guy stole the show tonight.  He is a rock star.  Extremely photogenic, shiny coat, flappy gums, drool… he has it all. Period.


One thought on “Training furry things!

  1. Carrie,
    First of all, the pictures are awesome. That was a pretty cool deal you did for us and the dogs. I’m sure the others appreslciate it as much as I do. I can’t forget about Maximus. He loved all the attention he got from you and I’m sure would do it all over again! Thank you again, the pictres came out great!
    Ryan and Maximus

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