RC cars!

Awesome weekend poking around in the old RC cars.  It’s official, I’m going to pimp my RC ride to the most absurd extent possible… ground effects, spinners and of course a gold grill.    And by my RC car, I mean the RC car I poached from Brett’s closet at his parents’ house in Kentucky.  By the way, thanks Comptons for having such cool hobbies for your kids!  I had to deal with stock Tyco cars when I was little, talk about having it rough…

This is what happens when I help.

So we have this sound that makes the cat flee… it comes in very handy at times.

Jonathan told me I need a new flux capacitor, I guess I need to see if they sell those at the rc shop.  He said something about 1.21 gigawatts…

And then after all of the RC madness in the backyard we woke up to this!… frozen rain/sleet/snow.  I LOVE RENO.


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