Holy 80’s, it’s back!

So I was skiing up at Northstar this past Sunday and noticed an alarming trend: the 80’s are back and, unlike Denise Richards, this time it’s complicated.

title: “scratch this!”

I know this has been a couple years of trends in the works but I am not sure if somehow, subconsciously, I forced this realization far back into the “open at your own risk” sphere of my brain.  It’s very possible that this part of my brain is filled to maximum capacity, it is after all, my catchall for everyday life.  Either way, subconscious or not,  they’re back and I have records of eye seizures from the neon explosion on the slopes to prove it.

With this in mind, I present to you… my photo shot out to the long-lost 80’s of our youth!

The 80’s where there were no consequences for substantially depleting the ozone during the styling of one up-do, feeling ashamed for rocking a pair of hammer pants or ever thinking that you have over-rolled your 26″ inseam denim.

the”who you gonna call?” grab

ah yes, the picturesque scenic winter wonderland… only to be upstaged by the ski industry’s “aversion to everything” graphics

this guy actually looks pretty cool, no funny title here.

“banana pants, is that you??” (reference Hot Dog! the movie)

Yea, this guy is too cool for this blog.


One thought on “Holy 80’s, it’s back!

  1. I thought the same thing the other day when they had a fasshion show on Regi and Kelly that featured HIGH-WAISTED-PLEATED, TAPERED LEG PANTS and metallic mini-dresses, seriously did we not learn our lesson the first time?

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